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Three Festal Ballads (1954)
[Memories of the Fair, "Danjiri"at Night, A Puppet Show]
Instrumentation: pf solo (Alt.version: 4 koto)
Duration: 15' (4'45"+4'30"+5'00")
Publisher: Zenon Music Publisher

Osabai (1955)
Instrumentation: fl,ob, cl, 2 bn, 2 hn, tpt, 2 tbn, 2 perc
Duration: 14'

Summer Poem (1958)
[Sanobori, Urabon, Tanabata, Sassei]
Instrumentation: pf solo (Alt.version: shaku, 3 20-koto, b-koto)
Duration: 13' (3'00"+2'40"+3'55"+3'00")
Publisher: Zen-on Music

Sextet for Wind Instruments and Piano (1965)
[1st movement, 2nd movement, 3rd movement]
Instrumentation: fl, ob, cl. bn. hn. pf
Duration: 18' (7'15", 4'30", 7'29")

Time for Marimba (1968)
Insrtumentation: marimba solo
Publisher: Ongaku no Tomo Sha

Hakuyoh (1973)
Instrumentation: vn, 21-koto
Duration: 25'-28'

Hanako, Taro, Ha Ta Ha Ta - piano pieces for children (1973)
Duration: 2' each

Hinaburi (1975)
Instrumentation: fl(or shaku), 21-koto
Duration: 10'

"Ai" for Shakuhachi and Strings (1978)
Duration: 6'-8'

Tidal Sounds (1980)
Instrumentation: vc, 21-koto (Alt. version: vc, hp)
Duration: 7'30"

Suite "Jodo" (1980)
Poem:Shoko Ema
Voices: Mix-chor
Instrumntation: fl, cl, hn, perc, vn, va, vc, 21-koto, B-koto
Duration: 15'

Autumn Fantasy (1980)
[Prologue, autumn Fantasy]
Instrumentation: shaku, 21-koko(Alt. version: fl or vn, pf or hp)
Duration: 14'30"(5'00"+8'30")
Publisher: NORSK MUSIKFORLAG A/S (fl, pf version)

Yui I (1982)
Instrumentation: 2 sho, pf
Duration: 14'

Ode to Forest (second part of "Yui II") (1983)
Instrumentation: vc, 21-koto (Alt. version: vc, pf)
Duration: 11'

Marimba Spiritual (1984)
[Tama-shizume, Tama-furi]
Instrumentation: mar, 3 perc
Duration: 15' (6'40"+8'20")
Publisher: Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. (sub publisher: NORSK MUSIKFORLAG, Oslo)

Yui III "Flowers and Water" (1985)
Instrumentation: shaku, 21-koto, F-shami, str-quartet, hp
Duration: 13'

Trio for Violin, cello and piano (1986)
Duration: 22' (8'30"+2'40"+5'20"+4'40")

Sohmon III (1988)
Text: Minoru Miki and quotes from Classics
Voice: sop
Instrumentation: mar, pf
Publisher: JFC(The Japan Federation of Composers INC)

Organ Nirvana (1988)
Instrumentaion: pipe organ solo
Duration: 9'
NB: in 2003 add an Introduction (duration: 6')

String Quartet (1989)
Duration: 18'~21' (1st movement = 9'~12', 2nd movement = 9')
Publisher: Ongaku no Tomo Sha

SPRING for Strings (1996)
Instrumentation: 5,5,3,3,1
Publisher: Norsk Nusikforlag

Clarinet Spring (1996)
[NB]Clarinet ensemble version of "SPRING for Strings"

Requiem 99 - Concerto for Marimba and Japanese instruments (1998)
Duration: 20~23min(with cadenza).
[NB] Marimba version of "Concerto Requiem"(1981). Solo part is alternative.

Fantasy of Flowers - for flute and piano (2001)
Duration: 6.5'
Publisher: BCA

East Ark (2001)
1)Fantasy on Rice Fields, 2)Pipa Nocturne, 3)Dancing along the Shore, 4)Enka, 5)Ancient War
Instrumentation: pipa, violin, cello, marimba-percussion
Duration: 28'

Heian Music-scope (2002) after the opera "The Tale of Genji"
[Introduction, A forbidden Love, A Passage of Time, Friends in Fun, Longing for a Eternal Image, Pipa Interlude-Seaside Joy]
Instrumentation: Quartet version = pipa, violin, cello, piano
Trio version = pipa, shak, koto
Duration: 20'30"

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